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Life & Spiritual Coach

Welcome to my website.


A very special place where you will find information about my work as a Certified Life Coach, International Speaker and facilitator of learning processes for personal, organizational and business development.


I want to share with you my light, experience, wisdom and knowledge to help you take the path of your transformation. Dare to build a renovation process with confidence, inner strength, acceptance, self-knowledge and self-improvement to become a happy, full, grateful and loving being.


Browse my page to understand the benefits of Life Coaching.


We can certainly achieve change.

Coaching by MACY - Copyright © 2015 María Alejandra Celis Yanes

Coaching by
María Alejandra Celis Yanes

Advising is to Maria Alejandra a true passion. She is versatile in the services she delivers as a consultant, and her experience and qualifications provide her with infinite, capacities and possibilities to cover different professional aspects.

Dynamic, proactive, executive, sensible, deep, communicative, extroverted, leader, spiritual, and human are adjectives that describe her as she offers her services in any of her diverse capacities:





Working with a Life Coach provides great benefits when it comes to establishing goals you really want to obtain, helping you distinguish between what you can do, what you should do, what you must do and what you really want to do. I will help you create a step-by-step plan to make your dreams come true, filling the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Organizations are spaces comprised of groups of people who have human conflicts. There are fears, traumas, tension, and resistance to change. My work focuses on changing individuals so they can resolve their issues with their environment and therefore become more productive, harmonious and engaged with their workspace.

Learning Process Facilitator

Learning Process Facilitator

The integral development of people helps them become aware of their weaknesses, without a doubt. For many years I have worked with support groups through Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences. I invite you to receive a development so you can multiply your wellbeingm self esteem, growth and happiness.

Family Business Consultant

Family Business Consultant

Families who take risks, are committed and united embark in projects with a particular value structure. Still, they often need support to guide them and help them keep their unity, align their objectives and understand the order in which each member represents the business hierarchy so that this doesn’t affect the family dynamics. Diverse and important corporate groups recognize my services in this area. I provide all my professional and personal experience because I come from a resolute family that, through effort, unity, respect, and love, has built a company that has been and will continue to be a legacy to many generations.

Event Producer

Event Producer

Communications, relationships, contacts, experience and passion for service come together to produce events at both a national and international level. We organize congresses, courses, and retreats for corporate groups, as well as continuing education with our partners.

As a Life Coach I consider the real benefit of coaching to be:


The meaning of happiness is unique to every one of us, which is why more people look for the help of a professional to help them discover their mission and give more meaning to their lives.

The final objective is to focus on what you truly desire, take the necessary tools and create a plan of action.

When you work with

me as a Life Coach, you

will be able to:

Obtain clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.


Recognize where you are now and plan where you want to be in a specific time period.


Define strategies and techniques to help you reach your goals faster.


Overcome obstacles with confidence and beat your insecurities.


Explore and evaluate all the possible and available options to get what you desire.


Find quality time and plenty of dedication, support, stimulation and motivation.


Coaching sessions are an investment that offers multiple benefits. At times we don’t know what we want to be or do with our lives, and other times we don’t feel happy but we don’t know how to deal with these situations due to a lack of knowledge of the causes of said emotions.


As a Coach, I want to help you discover all the wonderful things that are within you and guide you towards establishing clear objectives to get that for which you truly yearn.


In order to reach your goals you must take certain actions. Together we can look for the ones best suited for you.

When we see that certain things in our lives aren’t working out, that we are not happy, that we don’t love each other enough to say NO, to set limits, then we have to take charge and seek to make the necessary changes.


There are a thousand ways of doing this, but the most important one is learning to ASK FOR SUPPORT. We can’t do it alone. We must learn to give and receive, to communicate and seek for help from people who lend us their knowledge and their hearts.


In this search there are important aspects to consider: self-acceptance, tolerance, healing and forgiving the past, providing support, creating a positive image of ourselves, recognizing the qualities in others, understanding that we are all spiritual beings and we can all share our own light, give recognition and, above all, allow to live freely.


As we work all these things, we’ll at least have the possibility to accomplish what we need and therefore live in more harmony.


I am happy supporting people to help them discover their potential so they can fulfill their goals and dreams.


I believe my real mission is to plant that seed of hope of “I CAN!” and cultivate the power and value that are within each and every one of us so we can enjoy every day and savor HAPPINESS.


Trust and understand that everything you need is within you. It is the path back to home, the path to meet again with all that you are, that path where peace and happiness begin.

I am happy supporting people so they can discover their potential.

MYSTICAL DARING COMPASSIONATE i am María Alejandra Celis Yanes











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Coaching by MACY - Copyright © 2015 María Alejandra Celis Yanes